Bristol Condominiums – Water Pipe Replacement

Pin Oak Interests was engaged by the Bristol Owners Association on separate occasions to provide the following work under a design-build format:

Emergency Power

  • Decommission and abandon in place a 90 KW roof top emergency generator and 230 amp ATS
  • Replace a 125 KW ground mounted emergency generator and 400 amp ATS with a 250 KW 60 dBA emergency generator and 400 amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Remove existing cabling and rewire the emergency circuiting on all 27 floors
  • Install 250-gallon fuel storage tank
  • Maintain owner’s complete use of the building

Water Pipe Replacement

  • Abandon in place the existing 52 water pipe risers
  • Install a new cold water, hot water, and hot water return riser system with water shut-off valves on each of the 27 floors
  • Install cold water, hot water, and hot water return branch piping in the corridor of each floor with a shut-off valve above each unit’s front door
  • Install hot and cold-water piping to every plumbing fixture in all 104 units as well as to the common areas in the basement and first floor
  • Open up walls and ceilings as required to complete the plumbing work