Memorial Park – Sports Complex

The design of the Sports Complex is to balance the urban wilderness and active recreation by consolidating areas of recreation and reuniting previously fragmented ecological areas. User experience will be enhanced by centralizing the sports fields that are scattered across the Park. The complex will be a dynamic and vibrant area.  The $7,000,000 Sports Complex phase 1 amenities include:

  • 15 acres of open space
  • Forested buffer between I-10 and the new complex
  • Lighted baseball field with shaded dugouts and bleachers
  • Lighted softball field with shaded dugouts and bleachers
  • Lighted multi-purpose field with bleachers for games like football, rugby, lacrosse, and soccer
  • 4 lighted sand volleyball courts
  • Over 1 mile of new trails
  • Picnic area
  • Detention areas and bioswales to divert and slow the rate of runoff of Houston’s 50 inches per year of rainfall into Buffalo Bayou
  • Restroom Building
  • 2 parking lots